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120.00 Pound £ - United Kingdom - December 24, 2016

SEE THE FULL PERFORMANCE ON YOU TUBE AND CHECK OUT THE FANTASTIC REVIEWS AT MAGIC CAFE. EFFECT 1 CUBE A LIBRE Two stacks of wooden blocks, fully inspectable, each stack numbered 1 - 4. Re-arrange blocks from one stack, place cover over second stack for split second. When cover removed, number order ...

Alarmed - Noel Qualter/ Alakazam

15.00 Pound £ - United Kingdom - October 27, 2016

Predict a freely named time, with a photo of your alarm clock. Completely unused.

Supreme magic  two transmitted thoughts and Dominique duviver ''printing''

Supreme magic two transmitted thoughts and Dominique duviver ''printing''

40.00 Pound £ - United Kingdom - September 1, 2016

This is a black board and you write down a card you think they will pick and cover it with plastic cover (supplied) and put 2 bulldog clips on it to hold in place (supplied) and then they pick a card and you then try and write down what it is. And both are correct. Also Dominique Duviver ''printing'...

Decibel by Ellusionist and Adam Wilber

75.00 Pound £ - United Kingdom - August 26, 2016

Enables you to play any music file through borrowed headphones with apparently empty hands. Only used the once, in perfect condition.

Vanishing Ring by Sans Minds

80.00 Pound £ - United Kingdom - August 26, 2016

A great way to vanish of a borrowed ring. It is even recommended by Propdog! It is in black, and used just the once so in great condition.

"CUBES" BY Caramba Magic - NOW SOLD!

95.00 Pound £ - United Kingdom - July 8, 2016

Currently retails at around £215.00, plus shipping. For full performance video and reviews, enter 'cubes, caramba magic' on Google or safari. EACH CHANGE INSTANTANEOUS, WITH ZERO 'FUNNY MOVES' AND COVER SHOWN EMPTY AT EVERY STAGE. Outfit consists of four examinable wooden Cubes, numbered 1,2,3,4 and...


125.00 Pound £ - United Kingdom - July 1, 2016

BRAND NEW, UNUSED CONDITION. I've just taken delivery direct from Magic Wagon The reason I'm selling is because I don't feel it suits my particular performing style. Performer shows a folded piece of paper, containing a prediction, which is then placed into an envelope and left in full view on a woo...

M.U.M. Magic magazines bound

M.U.M. Magic magazines bound

100.00 Pound £ - United Kingdom - June 28, 2016

I have 4 hardbacked books of the M.U.M. magazine bound into books, with great tricks and news and much more inside. Great magazines. Very rare. I will pay full postage and packing and full PayPal fees, which in this country alone would be at least £50+, there heavy books.

The Card Magic of Le Paul

5.00 Pound £ - United Kingdom - June 27, 2016

Very good condition.

Card College Volume 5 - Roberto Giobbi

29.00 Pound £ - United Kingdom - June 10, 2016

A very in depth volume on card magic. Perfect condition.


60.00 Pound £ - United Kingdom - June 5, 2016

Four small jewellery boxes & four numbered chips are displayed. While performers back is turned, spectator mix chips, then place one in each of the boxes, creating a four digit number, e.g. 3421. Boxes are closed & mixed by spectator. Performer then reveals the exact four figure number selec...


45.00 Pound £ - United Kingdom - May 28, 2016

Exquisitely hand crafted Lycon (which could, more commonly, be called a Werewolf) and frame stand 14cm tall, 13.5cm wide. The Werewolf has holes - left by silver bullets, perhaps? - matching the holes in a plexiglass sheet. It is cleanly & openly secured to the sheet by a golden chain, both side...